The Autism Shows

Thank you for visiting us at The Autism Show. We are pleased to have received so many positive comments from both parents and professionals, and hope that you too will find some practical solutions that will be of help.

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  • Fully personalised SAS Listening courses for use at home, complete with personal coaching before, during and after the course.
  • In-centre Assessments, including Auditory Processing Diagnostic Tests, Neuro-Sensory Screening and Primitive Reflex Testing.
  • In-Centre Listening Courses.

For more information, please call our UK Manager Nicole Zimbler on 07973 771 402, email us at, or complete our Online Client Questionnaire.

A typical SAS Course

For maximum effectiveness every course is personally designed by one of our experienced Practitioners around the abilities and needs of each client.

A SAS course consists of carefully selected sound files that are streamed to an internet connected device, such as a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Typically we provide you with two half-hour listening sessions each day - you can take these two sessions spread over the day, or listen to both, one after another, in a single one-hour long listening session. Most courses have 24 or 28 listening days, to be completed within one month.

To apply a SAS course at home you will need to have a pair of full-sized headphones that fit over the ears. Playback through in-ear earphones or loudspeakers is not recommended as it will dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the programmes.

Presentation Download

View or download the presentation made by Steven Michaëlis at The Autism Shows in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Professional Training

The science and neuro-acoustic technology underpinning the SAS methodology are advanced and complex, but applying the method with clients is simplicity itself. This makes personalised SAS courses an ideal tool for professionals who are looking for an effective, practical and affordable intervention to apply in their practice.

SAS Courses can be offered as a stand-alone solution or to complement other services such as Occupational, Speech & Language or Yoga therapy, or other teaching, coaching or therapeutic services. SAS Providers are required to complete an Introduction Training to start implementing SAS courses with their clients. After completing a number of SAS courses with clients, our Follow-on Training will deepen your knowledge and understanding.

To book your place, or for more information, please call our UK Manager Nicole Zimbler on 07973 771 402, email us at, or secure your place without obligation by completing the Registration Form.

Specialised sensory yoga for autism

Yo’tism is a training school and the developer of a unique specialised sensory Yoga method, designed to enhance the lives of those with autistic symptoms. It is a powerful, profound and practical technique that fuses together elegantly, our modern age scientific understanding of movement, the brain and neuro-sensory systems, with the ancient healing art of yoga.

Yo’tism provides quality training for professionals, parents, teachers and anyone in the SEN community. A team of highly skilled and experienced therapists work in outreach, schools, homes and from a dedicated studio in Hertfordshire.

For more information visit the Yo'tism website at, or call Veronika on 07799 532 826 or Nicole on 07973 771 402.

Parent Support


A2ndVoice is a voluntary non-for-profit organisation run by parents and carers living and caring for a child or adult on the Autistic Spectrum, raising awareness and understanding from different perspectives, outreaching also to the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities (BAME) and tackling the taboos and myths around Autism.

A2ndVoice hosts a range of activities and events, mainly in the London region.

For more information, please contact Venessa Bobb by email via, or visit their website at

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